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Fellowship beyond our particular circle

October 9, 2011

It has been one month since this site, the church at Penticton, was begun.  We’ve had a few individuals email or comment positively (thank you!), and responses from two representatives of local churches within the greater church at Penticton (one posted an event; the other sent updated contact info for my database.  Thanks to both!).  Other than that, the response has been, well, kind of underwhelming!

Perhaps, I’m thinking, folks just “don’t get” what this site is about.  Perhaps my explanations haven’t been clear enough.  So this week I was happy to find a post at another site that expresses much of my reason for starting this Penticton church site.  It also expresses some of my disappointment at the lack (thus far) of response and participation!

In his article, “Living the Local Church Life Beyond My Little Group,” Josh Larsen writes the following:

So in the past six months or so, as the light of the local church being the fellowship of all God’s people in a given place has dawned upon me, I’ve been moved to more actively seek out fellowship with other believers beyond the “walls” of our particular circle.

Thus far, the results of this endeavor have been both rewarding and frustrating. While we have been able to connect with many brothers and sisters who have different backgrounds and emphases of truth, at the same time it’s been difficult to gain any kind of reciprocation to our reaching out. Whether they are too busy, too cautious or simply do not see the importance of it, many saints don’t seem to have much desire to really go beyond their own congregation to have fellowship with other local believers. It’s heartbreaking, really.

Even still, we press on. If the church is really one, and if the practical expression of that oneness is the local church in the city, made up of all believers who reside in a given locality, then we are obligated to go beyond our little circle to embrace fellowship with all believers….

To whatever degree possible, even as I seek to move forward with the few brothers and sisters I share life with on a day to day basis, I still have to find some way to experience and display a practical unity with all the believers in my town. Anything short of this will never come close to fulfilling God’s purpose….

It takes “all the saints” to comprehend the awesome depths of the love of God, and only together will we ever come to know Him in His fullness.

What do you think?  Do we really need to go beyond our own congregations to have fellowship with other local believers, and to serve together others in our community?  Or is it enough to stay within “our little circle”?

I would love to hear your input about these questions!  Please comment!  Thank you!

Oh! And a blessed thanksgiving to all of you!  I am so thankful that we have so many brothers and sisters in our community, and that all of us together comprise the church of Jesus Christ at Penticton, united in Him as our Head!

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  1. March 8, 2013 10:13 pm

    Been feeling the same way!
    Please feel free to join my new facebook group.

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